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scenario induction course

Outsights runs an intensive and highly practical one-day introductory course to Scenario planning. This twice yearly course takes place in May and October and is suitable for those who would like to get hands-on experience in developing Scenarios and understanding how it can be used in organisations. 


During the day participants learn: 


  • How to interview people about the Future
  • The importance of external drivers of change the process of developing Scenarios
  • How to use Scenario planning to develop policy and strategy
  • The different ways Scenario planning can be used in any organisation


The course is ideal for anyone wanting to "test drive" Scenario planning before implementing it in their organisation; those involved in a Scenario project who need development in the field; and those who would like to introduce this type of lateral thinking to their organisation's leadership programmes.


To bring the course in-house, please contact info@outsights.co.uk.


Comments from previous participants:


"I was really energised by it, both in learning a very challenging and useful methodology for strategy development, but also really provocative thinking. And it was fun." - Oxfam GB 


"One of the benefits of the Outsights course is the interesting diverse mix of private and public sector people. I'm a fan." - Department of Universities, Innovation and Skills, UK Government 


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Best training I've been on for years." - Office of Fair Trading


"The Scenario development introduction was certainly a useful learning exercise. I will make use of what's learned within BG." - BG Group.


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