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Just as many were carried away by irrational exuberance during the long boom, how do we ensure we do not disappear into a slough of despond in anticipation of a much heralded age of austerity?


Outsights future proofing is a health check for your strategic positioning and plans, testing their robustness to outside-in change, including the implications of austerity. It is a creative, focused and rapid process enabling you to understand the effectiveness of your strategic actions in a different context: your future business environment.


Future proofing offers you a range of benefits to underpin your organisation's longevity and success in challenging times, including:


  • Increasing the agility of your plans to allow for future uncertainty.
  • Avoiding costly investments that are ill-matched to tomorrow's business environment.
  • Improving your strategic versatility in challenging times.


It is an essential step for organisations seeking wider understanding of the future impact of short-term actions and an opportunity for Boards to govern and contribute to the strategic direction of their organisations, strategists to find creative new income streams, and functional heads to flex plans to cater for rapidly changing circumstances.


To discuss future proofing for your organisation, please contact us on info@outsights.co.uk.  

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Outsights Future Proofing

A health check of organisations' strategic plans to test their robustness to change and the future business environment, including the implications of austerity.