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the future on trial

A leading global energy multinationalcommissioned Outsights and its associates to design and run an "out-of-the-box experience" for its Chairman and top 650 executives at its annual Business Week. 


Outsights created a series of eight very varied experiences, commissioning experts in the fields of, for example, the human body, new energy transportation, new office technologies, climate change, politics, religion, social change. The experiences ranged from remote monitoring of a drive using new transport vehicles, a "journey" through the human body, an effects-surrounded climate change debate, soapbox debates, and reflective personal time. Particularly important was to create variety, a rapid fire efficient use of time to allow all to experience "the future" during the allotted time, and to reflect innovatively in plenary - dramatically "putting the future on trial" - on the experiences and the implications for the company. The event achieved the highest scores of all activities that week. 


Outsights regularly provides outside-in perspectives at conferences and events, for more details please contact Bonnie (bonnie@outsights.co.uk). More information on Outsights Speeches.