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future of transactional financial information

Against the background of considerable market uncertainty, this global information services provider had pursued several initiatives to better anticipate - and prepare for - external changes. Outsights worked with the organisation to develop four major external themes to test strategy at the customer level. In order to inform strategy at the Board level, the organisation then embarked on a wider project on the future of information.


Future of information 

Outsights worked with the organisation to build on the external themes developed at the customer level, and integrate it with existing projects e.g. on technological innovation, to develop a robust set of Scenarios for the future of information and the transactions businesses in financial services. These Scenarios were used to develop a set of options for the business, reviewed against the themes and Scenarios as well as to test current and future strategies in time to report to the annual Board meeting.


Insights to strategy 

A key deliverable of the project was to produce 10 critical insights into the industry which could inform the organisation's strategy. These included "locking-in" to the right technology early; being truly global or very local; and distilling value from information.