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future of the nhs

With advances in the National Health Service and a critical awareness that profits were coming from to increasing premiums and not increasing numbers, one national healthcare insurance provider looked to the future to maintain continued success and divert a possible crisis in a world in which the National Health Service played a vital role.


 Outsights delivered a set of robust Scenarios showing three possible futures:


  • A world in which the NHS succeeds through a combination of successful ICT implementation and high consultant engagement
  • A world in which the NHS meanders through successes and failures with significant local variation - yet it never gets quite bad enough to drive a move to another system
  • A world in which the NHS reforms fail, the ideal of public sector delivery is abandoned and the market opens up Consultants, disillusioned by ineffectual reforms, go independent and catalyse a revolution in the system


The Scenarios and with key business implications were rolled out throughout the organisation and Outsights has continued to provide strategic advice to the organisation.