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future of the global economy to 2030

With the beginnings of the economic crisis showing early in 2008, Outsights looked beyond the immediate future to explore the possible dawn of a new era, shaped by five key drivers of change: Sustainability, People, Technology, Political models and Economic outcomes. Working with input from experts from different disciplines - Government, the City, Business and NGOs - Outsights identified the uncertainties and possible future directions for the global economy.


In this report, Scenario thinking is used to suggest four different paths the economy may take: the State reasserting control over economic activity and citizens' lives; an economic slowdown caused by market failure; a society existing in stagflation, or a world where globalisation reverses and strong nationalistic sentiment dominates. 


The Scenarios question whether the forces which have characterised the "great moderation" of previous decades - liberalisation and technological solutions to problems - will be adequate to deal with future uncertainties the world economy faces. 

Future of the Global Economy to 2030

Four different paths for the future of the global economy in the midst of the present crisis created with input from experts in the banking, public, NGO and development sectors.