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future of the global economy: the triple challenge

Each year this leading UK health insurer holds an annual business forum for its 250 international senior managers from across the business. The 2009 conference focussed on strong leadership during the financial crisis.


Outsights Partner Richard O'Brien was invited to provide insights on the future to reveal opportunities for the organisation to maintain its leadership, especially in times of crisis. His presentation on "The Future of the Global Economy: The Triple Challenge" looked at what could come after the crisis, the threats and opportunities and who the winners will be.


"Richard offered tremendous insights to the potential impact of a period of volatility in the global economy. He had clearly thought through the issues and challenges for our business and talked about our major markets - which made the session really engaging for the audience. He drew some excellent parallels which prompted some great debate and certainly resonated with people long after the event. Great value!"


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