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future of asian trade with the uk

The Asia Task Force (ATF) in UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) was established as a forum to make practical recommendations on how to boost UK trade and investment with Asian markets.


Outsights worked with the ATF and the UK Government Office of Science and Technology (now the Government Office for Science in the Department of Innovation, Universites and Skills) to design a systematic process to gather views from five cities across Asia - Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, New Delhi and Seoul - over a three month period. In each of the five cities, Outsights ran workshops with top public and private sector delegates to identify future challenges for the next 15 years for UK companies operating in the Asian markets and suggest practical ways to overcome them.


The resulting report described perspectives of key individuals from across Asia on the factors they thought would influence UK trade with Asia and the greatest uncertainties for the future. It also identifies which factors might have a disruptive effect and require the development of flexible and resilient strategies and key messages for the UK Government, business and the Asia Task Force.