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future of amsterdam

The city planners of Amsterdam needed to challenge conventional thinking to help them think about the different ways that Amsterdam could develop in the future.


Wake-up call  

Over two days, Outsights challenged the thinking of the planning team. Firstly, by providing insights into future drivers of change for Amsterdam from the Outsights 21st Drivers for the 21st CenturyTM, such as networks and connectivity, mobility and climate change. Team members then developed the key drivers and prioritised the most important trends and uncertainties facing their department over the next 20 years.


Bringing stakeholders on board  

Armed with new insights on the critical issues facing policy and decision makers for the next 20 years, the group went on to assess the department's capabilities of dealing with these and the pre-requisites for successful decision making. Output from the project was then used to mobilise support to widen the engagement of policy makers and decision makers inside and outside the organisation.