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London Business School: An outside-in view from experienced practitioners

As one of the world's most respected and experienced Scenario planning practitioners, Outsights was invited to run the London Business School's "Managing Change" Elective of the MBA programme in 2010.


"Futures Thinking: An Outside-In View from the Practitioners" was presented to over 80 participants during a half day session. The session included an introduction to Futures thinking - what it is and when to use it; thought-provoking presentations about key change drivers from Outsights 21 Drivers for the 21st Century<sup>TM</sup>; and an interactive workshop session to enable attendees to experience the Future.



Warwick University: The future of multilateralism

Outsights was called in to help the University of Warwick's Asia-Europe Summer School postgraduates think about future as a team-building programme. The programme focussed on "The Future of Multilateralism" and included an introduction to Scenario thinking, prioritising drivers for change for the future and building Scenarios. The students took the process further with the identification of the implications of the Scenarios for the major political, business, civil society and individual actors.


The day included a mix of plenary and breakout work, with an emphasis on action learning and the minimum of formal presentations, and provided attendees with a wide ranging perspective on the forces that may drive the future of multilateralism, a shared understanding of the major uncertainties and the interlinkages between the very different forces at work, and the possible impacts of these futures on the different actors in the world.



The Fenix Programme, Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics Fenix Programme has the ambitious objective of bringing together young high flyers from industry, government and NGOs to prepare together for the future. Outsights has used Scenario thinking to shape the framework for the Programme as a strong team building exercise, and an opportunity to create a shared set of perspectives about the future.