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Managing the Connected World 

For a leading global energy company, Outsights developed a leadership development module to expose participants from all over the world to new ideas, challenging insights and non-linear ways of exploring their future business environment.The module, entitled "Managing the Connected World", set the tone for the rest of the week-long programme as a thought-provoking, interactive workshop which gave diverse participants an opportunity to work together to create some challenging pictures of the Future and identify headline implications for their businesses.


Creating Common Futures for Global Businesses 

The tailor-made sessions were designed to be fast-paced and highly interactive, in order to bring people together from many businesses and geographies and get the most value out of one day.Outsights ran 12 programmes with more than 350 participants from 43 countries, using a time horizon of up to 15 years to stretch their thinking about the external world.


Outsights presented six key drivers of change from its 21 Drivers for the 21st CenturyTM to stimulate thinking about the future and followed up with a brief introduction to a suggested Scenario structure. Participants were then able to add their own drivers of change, build the Scenarios and develop SMART actions for the organisation, their businesses and themselves.


Making Sense of the Future 

At the end of the day, participants were able to make sense of trends and discontinuities in the external world (beyond their industry), and identify relevance for their businesses today. Some comments from participants included:



"The session was a good way to start working together for the week"


"Our business would be stronger in future if we knew more about some of the issues which were raised in the session"


"Our business would be stronger in the future if we had the capability to think this way more systematically"